Back in the days when greed and opportunism were the driving forces of business, people expounded that "friendship and business don't mix." From first I ever heard the phrase, it rubbed me the wrong way. You see, I draw great joy from friendly collaborations with people, where you know you are contributing to their success and in return, they chip in to yours. Evolutionary biologists remind us that humans are instinctively competitive creatures -- whoever pulls the hardest gets the sandwich. Well, maybe so, but I will die an idealist. I think that we can always do better. Life is about improvement.

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Words to the wise

A few of our clients

The clients whose logos you can see shuffling down below, for the most part, have been with us for years. Good relationships are built that way. Because we know each other well, and many have even become friends, they know that if they send a message outside business hours, it will likely be read almost immediately. The message sometimes even gets an answer, at those late hours. Neighbours might quibble about the keyboard noise long after sunset (and unkindly label us "workaholics") but truth be told, we simply love what we do.


We also glean a good amount of freedom out of it. The woman working on her tablet in the corner armchair at that Sparducks or Café du Kommerz, or the guy with his laptop in the train's restaurant car, THEY might be part of our team. Some are here, some are overseas: odd hours, unusual ideas, innovative solutions, they are all in the mix. And gees, when the weather is fair and sunny, trust us to put aside the work for a moment and take the road bike out. Pedal-push-driven or Italian eight-valve L-twin. Workaholics? Noooo. Flexible creative workers, yes.


cherished indeed

among our clients