Curiosity and exploration are the central pillars of creativity. What does a client do? Which tools can we create or recommend?


Who are the special partners in crime and time, who will best serve the project?.. Where, in which world city or café, are they slogging away?


Colour, form, originality anchored in traditional forms and techniques, whether we are smearing oils, acrylics, pigment or code.


Realistic scheduling: Creativity nourished by emotion and freedom, but guided by strict delivery commitments. Quality on time.

modestly said

a working philosophy

An atmosphere
of permanent exploration should permeate every quest for innovation.

Thinking "outside the box" is not a wilful effort, a coerced or orchestrated company guidebook procedure, but a core attitude. It is a reflex as genuine and automatic as breathing.

In our way of working, it includes permanent QUESTIONING, basically being the brat who is forever asking things like, "Yeah, I hear you, but HOW does that battery STORE the energy?" In your own field, think back on the people who truly innovated, what do you remember most about them?

For us, that questioning includes a certain amount of RESISTANCE to following the same road as everyone else. It's not because a lot of people are doing a particular thing, that it is necessarily useful, positive or plain decent (minor dumb trends) (baaad dumb trends). In our field, that also applies to choosing the tools we use in our projects for clients.

A few key points about

  • You will probably find us a bit "forward" in our manner at first, it's part of where we come from. Over the years, we have found that serious professional clients value that openness.
  • You will discover that we choose (or outright build) the right tools, without using a service or platform "just because everyone else is using it." Many "popular" platforms look snazzy at first, but turn out to be heavy, cumbersome and a huge security risk. Fast-food solutions may be good for an agency's profit line, but not much else.
  • You won't find us recommending social networking tools that make their living on mining your privacy, browsing or shopping habits. We make an effort to avoid them, down to a flatline ZERO if we can. Your data is yours for life, and we don't monetize on it, ever; we don't see why THEY should, either.
  • We believe that Creativity is omnipresent – humming, dancing, breathing and belonging to all. Which is why working with us includes a good measure of lightness, laughter and fun.

applied creativity

Primary Services

SKEMATIKO software

custom web-app development

All well-chosen customer projects are special. But some, by their nature and the creative investment they require, stand out in the lineup. Our SKEMATIKO staffing/scheduling/tracking application is one such special project. Our current customers agree, that when specific needs have to be met dead-on, it's time to call us for some serious creative brainstorming and coding. I also surround myself with fine folks.


Web Design & Development

We have almost entirely set aside standard open-source CMS programs, after years of building with them. In their earlier, lighter incarnations, a few of them were fine, and they helped to democratize the web, as many will agree. But how efficient are they now? Is it really feasible to try and merge a Formula 1 car, a pickup truck and a family SUV, without ending up with a monster, sure to please no one at all? That's why we mostly use our own CMS frameworks. Slick, fast and secure, in any variant.

contact us made-to-measure WWW


My first job when I arrived in Switzerland was teaching English in result-driven corporate environments. I was simultaneously working on a book, and building Richard Bach's first website (RB wrote the mega-bestseller Jonathan Livingston Seagull in the 70s, among others). Modestly said, words and writing have been part of my existence for as long as anyone remembers. In the past 20 years – slogans, newsletters and copywriting for a few Swatch Group brands, one of the reasons why my clients can count on smooth-ticking English for their projects, and some pretty good French, as well (I was born in Montreal). My German is flatly comical, so don't ask.

RB's book My book

Mixed Creativity and Tomfoolery

An offshoot of my current activity in a life-drawing group (Atelier de Dessin Libre) has shifted part of my visual-art explorations over to my Samsung tablet. It doesn't replace paper, of course, any more than a synthesizer could ever replace a Steinway grand piano, but it does provide new tools, new possibilities, including time-lapse recording of the drawing process. That's a lot of fun. Some new projects and creative opportunities have arisen out of all that, and no doubt, there will be more to come. Stay tuned.

wh2kv cafe sketch
Time-lapse drawing

cherished indeed

among our clients